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BeBetter Med’s BEBT-209 Approved for Phase III Clinical Trials
2021-12-20       Source:BeBetter Med

On December 18, 2021, the National Center for Drug Evaluation (CDE) approved Guangzhou BeBetter Med Inc. to develop BEBT-209 combined with Fulvestrant in the treatment of HR+/HER2- advanced breast cancer III Phase III clinical trial, titled "BEBT-209 in combination with Fulvestrant in the treatment of HR+/HER2- locally advanced or advanced metastatic breast cancer with disease progression after prior endocrine therapy, a multicenter, randomized, controlled, double-blind phase III clinical study”. This study was led by the Cancer Hospital of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, and led by the team of Academician Xu Binghe, and has passed the ethics review of the hospital. 

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