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First-In-Class Drug RGRN-305 (BEBT-305) Clinical Proof-of-Concept Study Results Published in British Journal of Dermatology
2021-11-24       Source:BeBetter Med

The executive director of the International Psoriasis Association and Professor Las Iversen’s team from Denmark published "HSP90 inhibitor RGRN-305 for oral treatment of plaque type psoriasis: efficacy, safety and biomarker results in an open-label proof-of-concept study " on British Journal of Dermatology (IF=9.3) on November 8th, 2021. The results showed that 6 of 11 patients responded to RGRN-305, with clinical symptom scores PASI (Psoriasis Area and Severity Index) improvement between 71% and 94%, and the drug showed an acceptable safety profile, especially in the low-dose group. RGRN-305 treatment significantly inhibited IL-23, TNF-α, and IL-17A signaling pathways and normalized histological changes and psoriatic lesion gene expression profiles in patients who responded to treatment. This study shows that HSP90 may be a new target for psoriasis treatment, and RGRN-305 is expected to be an innovative oral drug for psoriasis treatment based on a new mechanism of action.




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