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Innovation Science

The company is a drug research and development organization that promotes interdisciplinary collaboration across a wide range of expertises. The core technical members possess over two decades of experience in innovative drug research and development; including but not limited to expertise in core technologies for the research and development of a novel class of targeted therapies, as well as comprehensive capabilities in designing and implementing the entire chain of new drug development. Our product development spans across all stages, from early discovery to late-stage development, including target identification and mechanism validation for innovative drugs, molecular design and screening of compounds, preclinical research, translational scientific studies, CMC (Chemistry, Manufacturing, and Controls), design and execution of clinical protocols, and new drug registration.

1. Focused on Independent Research and Development of First-in-Class Innovative Drugs


BeBetter is a biopharmaceutical company dedicated to independent research and development of innovative drugs with a clinical value-oriented approach. The company focuses on major disease areas including oncology, autoimmune diseases, and metabolic disorders. Leveraging its proprietary core technology platform, BeBetter develops First-in-Class and innovative drugs targeting unmet clinical needs.

In 2022, the company ranked fifth nationally in the application of Class I New Drugs.

Additionally, BeBetter ranked fourth among innovative pharmaceutical companies in the field of life science in the 2022 Nature Index.


The company's R&D pipeline includes 7 independently developed core innovative drug products that are in various stages of clinical trials. Among them, BEBT-908 NDA application submitted in Sept 2023. BEBT-209 is in Phase III clinical trials, BEBT-109 Receives CDE Consent for Phase III Clinical Trial in Sept 2023, and 4 products are in Phase I clinical trials. Additionally, the company has multiple innovative drug products in the preclinical research stage.

2. Abundant pipelines

Up to this point, we have successfully established an extensive pipeline comprising 11 first-in-class new drug candidates targeting 19 indications, with a total of 33 clinical approvals.

We are currently conducting 1 pivotal Phase II trial, 1 Phase III trial, 7 Phase II trial, and 8 Phase I trials.

BEBT-908 is the world's first dual-target inhibitor of PI3K/HDAC.

Multiple products are scheduled for consecutive market releases starting from 2024.


3. Continuous Innovation to Enhance Core Competitiveness

The company continues to leverage the rich innovative drug development experience of its core management and R&D teams, progressively expanding its focus from drug research in oncology to include a wider range of major diseases, specifically large-market indications. Additionally, BeBetter will evolve its drug research capabilities to include the simultaneous development of chemical drugs and oligonucleotide drugs. This approach establishes a diverse portfolio of first-in-class innovative drug pipelines across significant disease areas such as malignant tumors, autoimmune diseases, and metabolic disorders. These efforts aim to continuously enhance the company's market position and competitiveness in the domestic and international innovative drug industry.

The company's workforce includes a number of overseas returnees, Ph.D. holders, and the R&D staff comprises 80% of the total employees.

The core team of the company has been honored with accolades such as leading technological talents in the Guangzhou Development Zone, members of the Guangdong "Pearl River Talent Plan" innovative entrepreneurship team, and leaders of entrepreneurial teams in Guangzhou.

Three major core technology platforms have been established: New Drug Discovery Platform, Anti-Tumor Drug Resistance Combination Therapy Platform, and Differentiated Clinical Design and Development Platform.


4. Global Vision Strategy

Global Patent Deployment, with 32 authorized patents (12 in Chinese mainland, 7 in Hong Kong and Taiwan, 13 in PCT national phases);

Conducting overseas clinical trials;

Initiating global pharmaceutical company collaboration and exchanges.




(underline indicates current R&D team members at the company)

1. Dual-Target Inhibitors of Protein Kinases and HDAC

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2. Chaperone Inhibitors

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3. Broad-Spectrum EGFR Mutant Inhibitors

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